Founder & CEO


Colonel (Ret.) Amit Assa

Mr. Assa is a former member of the Israeli Security Agency (I.S.A), with over 25 years of experience in the management of numerous counter-terrorist defence mechanisms.

Mr. Assa is well experienced in all aspects of the intelligence field in general, and in internal security and anti-terrorism activity in particular.


Mr. Assa held the rank of head of the field operational units, and has established and managed training systems that have been and still are implemented and operated in the system
to this date.

The success of AFIK’s goals and purposes is being examined over time and there is no immediate capability for measuring its success in quantifiable terms.
On the other hand, according to comparative data with incidents and social exchanges,
we are able to evaluate with relative ease the necessity for investing in this field, to protect the security of western democratic community.

As CEO of the firm, I represent and lead an important, strong and universal western interest.
I consider the activities of the company to be an important mission and this is where I draw my own motivation from.

When I examine the success of the company, I examie the success of the entity I serve. This success is measured by the absence of any attacks over as long a time period as possible. These successes encourage me to continue on this path.

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U.C.P. is a method of security, which exposes a potential assailant in the early stages of planning an attack and also on attack occurrence.
U.C.P. helps to locate, identify and defuse the attackers before they manage to cause damage.
The methods of U.C.P. are based upon applications of similar techniques, applied in major secret services.



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