Welcome to AFIK P.I.A and Thank you for visiting our site.

We do hope that this site gives you somewhat a picture of who we are,
what our aims are, and what services we offer.

AFIK presents, guides, trains, and assists in implementing Intelligence
ways of thought and action into existing security systems and along with
that also carries out operational activities.

All for the prevention of criminal, commercial or terror attacks.
The main services offered are - consulting, training, operational activities,
and the most updated technologies in the field of intelligence.

You are welcome to surf our site and learn about them all.
As each customer has very unique needs, and specific abilities, AFIK will always strive for a personal meeting with the customer, in order to enable two important things.
One is to learn these needs, and give the best recommendation and the second one is to supply the customer with a more detailed presentation of the topic in hand.

This site is here to serve as the gateway for further dialogue.
So with any questions that may arise and for more information
please contact us.

    News & Updates

U.C.P. is a method of security, which exposes a potential assailant in the early stages of planning an attack and also on attack occurrence.
U.C.P. helps to locate, identify and defuse the attackers before they manage to cause damage.
The methods of U.C.P. are based upon applications of similar techniques, applied in major secret services.



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