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AFIK’s vision is to become the leading company to attend the growing necessity in applying intelligence ways of thout ghand action in existing security force. These thinking methods give a preventative answer to a potential attack of any sort (be it a terror attack, a criminal one or a strategic attack done by competitors).

AFIK’s services (whether operational or educational) bring forth the abilities of any existing security system, in preventing any intelligence attack. As a result of that - the general level of security is higher and competition is dealt with more efficiently.
AFIK's Services include the following:

operational services:
• Management and operate business intelligence operations:
• Management and carry out of undercover protection operations.
• Managing and performance of attack exercises.
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U.C.P. is a method of security, which exposes a potential assailant in the early stages of planning an attack and also on attack occurrence.
U.C.P. helps to locate, identify and defuse the attackers before they manage to cause damage.
The methods of U.C.P. are based upon applications of similar techniques, applied in major secret services.



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