"C.I.A Team" - Coping With Intelligence Attack   
"C.I.A Team" - Coping With Intelligence Attack

Personal Secrecy Operations
Afik's "C.I.A Team" operates to cover secrecy needs for our clients and associates, planning the best solution for secret meetings and secret business activity for preventing leaking confidential information to the wrong hands by undercover operatives and intelligence technologies measures.
Afik offer's you that unique product due to many years of experience gained by its officers whom are all ex special government agents.
"C.I.A Team" will analyze your business activity and suit you a full tailor made operation plan with the minimum intermeddles full confidentiality and discreet.

The plan will be contain three major fields using intelligence means:
• Counter surveillance – field operational agents will escort the client undercover and will make sure that nobody is following / photo him in his way to his business meeting before during and after its taking place and choosing if needed the time and the place of meeting.
• Counter bug technology – technological agents will equipped the meeting place with the necessary technology for jamming any bug technologies that had been set by anyone in advance at the place of meeting.
• Bug and undercover video detection checking – technological agents will check your car / office / home / hotel room for any devises that plant by hostile elements.


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U.C.P. is a method of security, which exposes a potential assailant in the early stages of planning an attack and also on attack occurrence.
U.C.P. helps to locate, identify and defuse the attackers before they manage to cause damage.
The methods of U.C.P. are based upon applications of similar techniques, applied in major secret services.



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