Hostile Intelligence Gathering Seminar   
Hostile Intelligence Gathering Seminar
Coping with Hostile Intelligence Gathering

Security forces are facing a growing need to cope with the potential intelligence assailant.

Hostile intelligence gathering is most efficiently dealt with when deeply understood from the assailants point of view.

Understanding and knowing the stages of planning and executing an attack (of any sort), and the role of operational intelligence collection (OIC) enables a security force to prepare and

carrying out preventative actions that will disrupt the attack already in its early stages and thus bring to its prevention.

One of AFIKs main goals is to bring the intelligence aspect into existing security systems so that more and more forces will shift from being a passive force, which only reacts to attacks, into being an active force, which combines together with the regular activity the initiative and preventative activities.

In order to do so, AFIK has built this seminar. It is built to bring deep understanding and experience of the assailants point of view and action, thus enabling the security force to apply new methods of action and prevention.

General layout and duration of the course

The duration of the seminar is a few days and is mainly subject to the clients needs. It includes theoretical studies, field activities, practical exercises that simulate the assailants actions,

and discussions to conclude each exercise.

The main subjects and content brought in the course

Understanding the stages in the assailants action.

Understanding the different working methods and working tools that the assailants might apply.

The psychology of an intelligence information collecting operative.

Actual practices in observations, operational intelligence collection, planning an attack, executing an attack.

Building the security answer to hostile intelligence attacks.

Discussion and conclusion of each subject that is presented and practiced.


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U.C.P. is a method of security, which exposes a potential assailant in the early stages of planning an attack and also on attack occurrence.
U.C.P. helps to locate, identify and defuse the attackers before they manage to cause damage.
The methods of U.C.P. are based upon applications of similar techniques, applied in major secret services.


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